Take #2: Understanding CC and IP

After being urged to, “Watch for the sources that cut through the opaqueness for you. The subject is inherently complex, but there a(re) people out there who can really explain it well,” by our fearless leader I have decided to take another stab at understanding CC and IP. Now, I did figure out how to Copyright my blog from a terrific blog entry here, and my blog has a Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported License, which is gratifying.

I believe I was the first to post about CC and IP, an assignment I forgotten all about until 1pm yesterday, and had a very short period to figure it all out so I could blog about it before heading off to work. I did not fully grasp the concept, but with time now on my side I was able to configure the puzzle. This blog entry helped me with creative commons. Doug Johnson, who runs “The Blue Skunk Blog” paraphrases perfectly:

CC makes sharing, re-using, re-mixing and building on the creative works of others understandable and legal.

Inspired by the Free Software Foundation’s GNU General Public License, the Creative Commons organization was founded as a part of the “copyleft” movement. They believed traditional copyright restrictions inhibit cultural and economic growth. A growing number of content producers want to allow others to use and remix their materials – and in turn be able to use and remix the content of others. CC makes this legal. Creative Commons is a very brilliant idea which allows our world to better itself, and keeps people out of a mess of trouble.

I already touched on Copyright in my previous post, and I conquered it and as I stated earlier, it is certified, so let’s move on.

Now, on to intellectual property. This site helped me immensely. It covers the basics and defines the different areas of intellectual property, which are patent, copyright, trade secret, right of publicity, and trademark and unfare competition. They are all different and serve different purposes.

I have finally figured out the riddle that is CC and IP. What is my prize?

A cookie.

A cookie.


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