Project suggestions – Group #1

1) Javascript – Interactive articles. Hover over details. A way to get more information. Be able to find more information while reading.

2) Blogposts turned into a novel. Each post makes up a chapter of your own personal book. It could be on specific material or a mosaic of ideas.

3) A short story in which a “presidential” debate is taking place over which way is better, journalism or news blogging. The winner of the debate will become the universal outlet for news, the other will become extinct.

4) Go around campus and survery students on news blogging and journalism. Write about results.

5) Character blog of anything or anyone (ex: Alex Bruns).

6. Create a comic about a superhero who “gatewatches” his city at night. He wears a cape.

7. Along the lines of the character blog, you could create a story world of a blog. Everything being fictional, including names, places, events, etc.


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