Week 3: Uses of Blogs, Digital Artifacts and more.

Week three was an enjoyable one. As a class we really dove into our reading material, Uses of Blogs, which was certainly educational. The first five chapters focus on news blogging, journalism, publishing and public relations (among other things). I thoroughly enjoyed chapters two and three because they deal with news blogging, journalism and the relationship between the two. I may become a journalist or a columnist in my career, so chapter three caught my attention. It is common knowledge that the field of journalism is “dying” or “shrinking,” but I am determined to become a writer in some form. These chapters should prove absolutely helpful in the future0.

Earlier in the week I discussed, in detail, chapters two and three. Professor Morgan asked us to “post a response or notes on one or two of the articles of your choosing.” So I did, here. It is a lengthy, in-depth post on my thoughts and interpretations. There was a lot of juicy material to go off of.

He also asked us to “Google the editors of this collection (Axel Bruns, Joanne Jacobs),” which I did to mixed results. I found out a whole lot about Bruns, but Jacobs proved to be difficult as she has run under the radar. I absolutely overlooked her blog, which I looked at briefly and thought it was another imposter. It was a frustrating hour trying to find Jacobs. Bruns is a busy, busy man though. He appears to be an Australian genius. It is always interesting to find out more information about an author from one of my textbooks.

I attended class on Wednesday and my group came up with these ideas. Our group had some interesting and creative ideas, without a doubt.

My big achievement of the week was my digital artifact. It was an enjoyable learning experience. I have never written anything quite like it before. I decided to run with the short story idea that was thrown around from the professor. It turned out okay. My girlfriend thought it was good and interesting, but she is a tad bit biased. I am not sure if it ended up where I initially wanted it to. I tweaked it over and over and over again. It slowly became darker and a little violent. I am proud of it though. It took a lot of effort and I had fun with it, so I am happy.

The website is getting better week by week. It is starting to fill out. I am planning on changing some things up this week to give it a different look. Until next time.


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