What’s Next For Blogs? — A Tiki-Toki Look Into the Future of Blogs

What’s next for Blogs? Who knows for sure, but some people have ideas of what the blogosphere may look like in the next two years.

I am new to this (Tiki-Toki), so be gentle. Some of these ideas have happened, some are upcoming, some are hypothetical, while others are an ongoing process.

It was not easy to find information on the future of blogs. It appears that it is not an issue that is highly debated now days. I did find pleanty of information dating back to 2008 through 2011, but not a whole lot from 2012 and beyond. Most of the content I came upon mostly had to deal with the future of the web and web design, and not so much in relation to blogs in particular.

Here is the timeline. Enjoy. Any comments about it can be posted here, because I am new to Tiki Toki and am not sure how one can view and comment on it.


7 responses to “What’s Next For Blogs? — A Tiki-Toki Look Into the Future of Blogs

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  2. I made them all up. I researched the future of blogs and found material that has recently been done, still in the works, a few years away, etc. Being that most of this stuff has not happened, and also my never happen (who knows), I put fictional dates and mostly fictional stories (but real ideas and concepts) on the timeline. It’s more of a broad look at what the next two years COULD look like in the blogosphere, as well as social media and the internet in general.

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