The Last Facebook: Part 5

This afternoon our week on Facebook will end. I have been contemplating how to end on a high note all morning. While doing research this week I couldn’t help but notice a “talking about this” number to the right of the likes on every band’s page. I was unsure what this meant. I assumed it meant the number of people who commented or discussed on the page, or perhaps how many people have “mentioned” the band in a personal post. I was on the right track. This page helped me define what “talking about this” actually means. Here is a brief overview:

People Talking About This is the number of unique users who have created a “story” about a page in a seven-day period. On Facebook, stories are items that display in News Feed. Users create stories when they:

like a page
post on the page wall
like a post
comment on a post
share a post
answer a question
RSVP to a page’s event
mention the page in a post
tag the page in a photo
check in at a place
share a check-in deal
like a check-in deal
write a recommendation
claim an offer

Whenever a person takes one of these actions, it counts toward People Talking About This.

This realization is kind of incredible. Basically, now we get to know how many likes, posts, shares, and mentions have gone on over one week. With that being said, I will now list the bands I have covered this week and their “talking about this” count. This “count” clarifies the popularity debate. Also, bands who are active on Facebook, touring, or have recently released albums should have high numbers. Bands who are liked by millions, but inactive, may have a lower number. We shall see. Here are the results:

Arcade Fire – 5,156
Local Natives – 5,717
Blind Pilot – 970
The National – 29,607
Grizzly Bear – 5,156
The xx – 30,769
Two Door Cinema Club – 17,718
Sea Wolf – 964
Beach House – 4,042
Silversun Pickups – 4,251
Animal Kingdom – 242
Cage the Elephant – 16,396
Grouplove – 1,395
The Lumineers – 38,870
Mumford & Sons – 112,059
Of Monsters and Men – 27,258
Young the Giant – 5,318

Nothing overly shocking here. The National has a nice number up there with 29 thousand, likely because they announced their upcoming album ten days ago. Mumford & Sons demolished the rest of the field, but this comes as no surprise as they have 3.8 million likes. Cage the Elephant and Two Door Cinema Club, who are both over 1 million likes, had good weeks. Cage the Elephant is in the process of developing their third album, and Two Door Cinema Club is fresh off of their second album (released in September). Poor performances from Arcade Fire, Grouplove, Young the Giant, and Silversun Pickups comes as little surprise. Arcade Fire rarely uses Facebook, as we discussed on Monday. Grouplove seems to lack a following, despite heavy radio time. Young the Giant has been off the radar since early 2012. Silversun Pickups struggles with the space, I believe, as the majority of their content is meaningless. The xx is dominant overseas and that following, along with their never-ending touring, helps bring their count into second place. Animal Kingdom and Sea Wolf are obviously struggling. Animal Kingdom is a band “on the rise” but this has yet to take shape here in America. Sea Wolf is another disappointing album (in terms of record sales) away from separation.

What does it mean? WHAT DOES IT MEAN? Well, it confirms my previous research, but it also gives a better scope on the genre and popularity. It also means that a new tool has been discovered. I am on Facebook often enough, and I never knew the true meaning behind “talking about this.” It goes to show that bands who are touring or coming off an album will often times get more mentions. Of Monsters and Men, The Lumineers, The xx, Two Door Cinema Club, and The National are all busy with shows and active on Facebook, while Arcade Fire, Young the Giant, Sea Wolf, and Silversun Pickups underperformed because of inactivity and lack of content.

It has been an interesting week. It has helped me learn more about bands, music, social media and Facebook. This trend will hopefully continue next week when I dive into Twitter and its effect on bands.


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