Twitter Part 3 — Tweet Content

Today is the day we dive into tweet content. What exactly are these bands tweeting? I am going to choose five bands whose tweet frequency is similar, 15 times per month for example. This will give us a good scope of what each band focuses on, and if there are similarities, differences, and patterns. As usual I will give statistics that show band popularity and overall Twitter usage. I choose Phoenix, Grouplove, The Head and the Heart, The Lumineers, and Animal Kingdom for today’s research. Since May 25th they have all tweeted between 12 and15 times. Now let’s see what they are tweeting.

France’s Phoenix has tweeted 12 times in the last 10 days. They have 216,352 followers, and have only tweeted 161 times. Their new album, Bankrupt, is to be released later this month so they are busier than ever on Twitter. I did not take a deeper look at Phoenix last week while focusing on Facebook, but I needed busy tweeters for today’s research. They are one of the more popular indie bands out there, and are coming off a Grammy winning album (2009’s Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix). Their activity is going to be a little different than most with a new album just weeks away. Seven of their 12 tweets dealt with ticket announcements, however. I expected more album news. Six of the seven tweets involved shows in New York City. They are gearing up for their album with big crowds in the greatest city in the world. The other tweets involved an interview, Youtube video (as seen below), an album pre-order announcement, a free download, and a more personal tweet with a picture thanking the fans of Vancouver. That’s more what I expected to find. It seems they are trying heavily to sell shows out so they can play some new material to the fans.

Grouplove also tweeted 12 times in the last 10 days. They use Twitter in a completely different manor. Their feed comes off a lot like a normal person’s would. There are six posts that are just sayings like, “Break me down break it down.” They posted two images with short messages attached, something I expected to see a lot from in my research. Two retweets from AWOLNATION and Mia Farrow, respectively. Weird combination. They also tweeted a shout out to Cage the Elephant and a show cancellation in Colorado. This activity is scattered, and expected from a 20-something, not a band. But they have tweeted 2,772 times, so maybe this is their style–scattered and impractical.

The Head and the Heart tweet 15 times over that span, 12 of which were retweets. It’s pretty obvious they like to retweet. They haven’t been around all that long but have tweeted 6,179 times. Wow. I am guessing the majority of those tweets are retweets. The majority of the retweets are just props given to band for their outstanding shows and songs. One was a retweet of a funny tweet, and four others were of a couple Seattle organizations mentioning The Head and the Heart’s upcoming show. Their three original tweets were about that aforementioned show in Seattle, a Wilco shout-out, and a Boulder, Colorado show. Their activity, somewhat like Grouplove, seems to be scattered and effortless. Retweets come across a little lazy and impersonal. Their small following, 36,626, seems to reflect the type of Twitter usage here.

The Lumineers tweet 13 times since May 25th. They have a wide variety of tweets, but they are mostly personal/original tweets, which is nice. There are five image tweets, meaning tweets that’s main purpose to deliver an image. Six tweets are tour date related, having just announced new tour dates, one of which being in Minneapolis on May 31st. They are playing with Cold War Kids and playing huge venues, so these are big announcements. One tweet is a link to a video of a funny Jimmy Fallon skit (seen below). Their activity is personal, frequent, timely, and diverse. Their 136,202 followers and the rest of the world is obviously taking notice with new tour dates, huge radio play, and critical acclaim. They don’t tweet crazy amounts like The Head and the Heart, and Grouplove with a total of 1,051 tweets.

Animal Kingdom tweeted 12 times, and only has a following of 3,326. That is tiny in comparison to the other four bands. They have tweeted 1,503 times though, so they obviously believe it is worth their time and effort. That is something we didn’t see with Facebook research. Smaller bands like Animal Kingdom were nonexistent on Facebook for the most part, but they are much more active on Twitter. These guys have a laid-back, joking, fun vibe to their feed. Of their 12 tweets three are jokes and two are images. There is a Band of Horses “Funeral” shout-out, a Happy Easter, an acoustic video, some political commentary, and a Northern Lights article. They have a wide variety of tweetable items. The two music videos are a nice touch and a little humor mixed with some images keeps things light. They have a link to their brand-new “Strange Attractor” music video, as seen below. They are not well-known so choose to keep things on the lighter side, tweet frequently, and release an array of information through their Twitter feed. It’s a little cluttered and scattered, but I find it effective because it is there material, no one else’s.

Today we found out a few things. Mainly, do not get re-tweet happy. It can get annoying. Also, there is a good way to tweet a lot and a bad way. You can tweet all you want as long as you are producing original and new material, and giving fans some reason to follow via videos, tour dates, etc. Another thing I have come upon here is that Twitter is huge hot-spot for tour date announcements. These feeds were jammed full of them. The research was a little inconsistent, but Twitter is a little inconsistent. Patterns are certainly harder to find on this social media outlet. I’m not sure what I will be discussing tomorrow night yet, so make sure to tune in.


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