Twitter Part 4: Tweet Frequency

I have discussed in little detail about tweet frequency throughout the week, but today we are going to get a full helping. I am going to take 15 bands and document their monthly tweet frequency. I want to know how often they tweet. Which types of bands tweet more? Popular  bands? Lesser-known bands? Are the bands touring? Are they coming off an album? Do they have an album upcoming? Are they in the studio? Basically, I want to figure out who tweets the most, and under what circumstances are they tweeting. I will now make it known that I am not counting retweets. I plan on focusing on retweeting tomorrow.

The 15 bands I chose have very different backgrounds, fan-bases, indie genres, and popularity. On Wednesday I talked very shortly about tweet frequency from five bands, but that didn’t give me the range I really wanted. Also, that post was more focused on followings and overall tweet counts. Below are the bands and their monthly (March 7-April 6) totals.

Cold War Kids — 57
Foster the People — 53
Grizzly Bear — 29
Phoenix — 21
The Head and the Heart — 16
Local Natives — 14
Iron & Wine — 11
MGMT — 11
Sea Wolf — 11
The National — 10
Young the Giant — 10
Band of Horses — 5
Tapes ‘n Tapes — 2
Arcade Fire — 0
The Decemberists — 0

As you can see, there are some extreme differences in tweet frequencies at work here. Two bands failed to tweet once all month, while two tweeted over 50 times. Remember, this does not include retweets, but most bands steer clear of retweets. Now let’s crunch some numbers. The average of all 15 bands is 16.67 tweets per month. But that is a little lob-sided isn’t it? If you take away the top two scores, which were both over 50, the average of the other 13 is 10.77. Sounds more accurate, but you still have those very small numbers. So if you also take out the bottom four, which are all below six, the average comes to 14.78. That is our average, which should prove to be very accurate.

I think it is a good idea to take away the huge numbers and the abysmal. I could have kept Band of Horses in the mix, but three of their five posts were the same thing.

So, what do we see here? What catches our eye? Well first off we have Cold War Kids and Foster the People who are smacking out an average of 1.77 tweets per day. That’s borderline insane right? Maybe not. Cold War Kids’ new album, Dear Miss Lonelyhearts, was released on Tuesday and they SHOULD be busting out nearly two posts per day. This may annoy some, but it may catch 5, 10, 15 people’s attention. Those people will then take a listen on Spotify, like what they hear, and buy the album. It’s also a reminder to those fans who were planning to check it out to do just that. What’s Foster the People’s deal then? The fact is that they just like tweeting. Practically none of their tweets are band related in any way, but they are connecting with fans on a different level. Twitter helps accommodate communication between band and fan in an unusual way.

We also have two bands WITHOUT a tweet. Arcade Fire has never been one to tweet a lot, but they put zero effort into fan communication via Twitter. The Decemberists, who I haven’t mentioned in my research until this post, is vacant as well. You would think a band of their size would relegate a Twitter spokesperson.

I’m glad we did this. I think we have a pretty good grip on tweet per month averages. 1/3 of the bands tweeted 10 or 11 times. That’s a good chunk. This tells us that 10 or 11 is a good number to shoot for, and hopefully exceed. Nearly 1/2 (7/15 to be exact) of the bands were between the 10-16 range.

Again, I didn’t count retweets, which would have changed the variables and eventual outcome. That’s okay. Retweets are Twitter’s retarded cousin. Plus, the only two bands who really use the power of the retweet were Grizzly Bear and The Head and the Heart. Moving on.

Question: who is touring? Thanks to Songkick we know that Local Natives, Cold War Kids, Phoenix, The National, Grizzly Bear, Band of Horses, Iron & Wine, MGMT, and Sea Wolf are currently on tour. That is 9/15 of the bands. These nine bands are averaging 18.78 tweets per month. Again, that’s a little lob-sided. Let’s take out Cold War Kids (57) and Band of Horses (5) numbers. After calculations, we know that bands who are currently touring tweet approximately 15.29 times per month. That is only slightly higher than the number (14.78) we came up with earlier. So, we now know that touring DOES NOT necessarily mean more tweets.

Alright, I crunched some more numbers and come out with an average of 18 tweets per month for bands who released albums last year and early this year. The average for bands who have albums upcoming in the near future is 13.25. So, it appears that following an album brings more tweets than the actual anticipation. They appear to be busy with other things.

A lot of numbers were crunched today. Hopefully it wasn’t too confusing. I realize this is a small sample, but we now know the approximate tweet per month count. We know there are extreme highs and very extreme lows. We also have a good feel on a number bands should be reaching for monthly. Also, being on tour, promoting an upcoming album, and coming off an album does not necessarily mean more tweets. See you tomorrow!


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