Myspace Part 5: Discover!

Last day! Mypsace week has been a bit of a drag, to be perfectly honest. Facebook and Twitter had so many different roads to take. There was never-ending street access and no traffic to slow me down. This week has been a traffic jam full of dead-end streets and jay-walkers. Sick of the street traffic references yet? Sorry, they were flowing. I had a difficult time choosing my research today. There just isn’t a whole lot of substance to Myspace. They have gutted the site and are now left with a hip, empty space. I stumbled upon a “discover” tab on every bands page. What dost thou mean? Not sure. I decided to use this unknown feature for my focus for the days research. Let’s start!

First and foremost, this is what Myspace clarifies as “discover”:

Discover new people, music, mixes and videos – get inspired. There’s a ton of content to explore, enjoy and share.

So, Myspace is urging us to get involved and explore. When clicked upon, the discover link sends you to a separate page aptly named “discover.” On the page are six categories which we are beginning to get a hang of. They are: trending, people, music, mixes, videos, and radio. OK, well, we have one interesting option undiscovered to this point in “trending.” Time to dig!

The “trending” option is no more than a makeshift Facebook feed, really. The feed is Myspace’s trending stories. Some of the stories include photos, interviews, and playlists. Hmm. Interesting. I’m actually liking what I am seeing here. The journalism is amateur-hour 101 with bad questions, so-so imagery, never-ending weed and vodka references, but the idea isn’t half bad for Myspace’s standards. I’m not sure the content is in my taste, but the page style and ideas are good. I think it wise to list the top 10 trending articles on Discover take a deeper look into them.

1. Photobombing: Coachella in 44 Photos, Day 2
2. Photobombing: Inside the Coachella Party Scene
3. Coachella, Day Two: Getting Lost in the Parking Lot and Jalapeno Poppers
4. Coachella, Day One: Passion Pit, Vodka, Boobs and Bros
5. The Shuffle Board: What we listened to this week and why
6. Connect: Fartbarf
7. Photobombing: Coachella in 49 Photos, Day 1
8. Listen: Timeflies
9. Mix: Crisco Kidd
10. Ghostface Killah & Adrian Young Bring Music to Life

It’s was Coachella weekend and it took up the first four spots and five of the 10 spots. Coachella is a massive music festival pact full of all sorts of bands. Among these bands are a lot of indie bands we have focused on throughout our research. Here is how a Myspace journalist on pot and vodka describes Coachella:

Every year, people and celebrities trek two hours east of Los Angeles to the desert to sweat a lot, dress like ’70s-era Stevie Nicks, ’80s-era Sheila E or ’90s-era 90210, do a bunch of drugs and maybe catch a few bands. The music festival has become such a must-see-or-be-seen bacchanal that Lindsay Lohan reportedly told her attorney she didn’t want to check into rehab until after Coachella.

Band of Horses, Beach House, Grizzly Bear, Local Natives, The Lumineers, Modest Mouse, Of Monsters and Men, Phoenix, The Postal Service, Two Door Cinema Club, and The xx are all playing this year. Thanks to Myspace’s numerous articles on their discover feature I accessed the Coachella website and stumbled upon a live Lumineers concert. It turns out that every concert is available to watch and listen on their website for free. You have to give props to discover for aiding this process. The fact that so many indie bands are at Coachella makes this feature that much better.

These trending articles include favorite playlists by artists, pieces on artists, links to hot Myspace profiles and songs. This is quite intriguing. I actually have a new found respect for Myspace. This is certainly, along with the new site look and setup, a step in the right direction. They still need more cooperation from artists themselves to make the space worthwhile for users though.

This was a very good session and a good out for our Myspace week. We left on a strong note, instead of a sour one. We discovered an interesting new feature, and learned a little about music along the way. We also learned about the types of bands/groups featured on discover. Indie bands are covered quite often, not to mention all the R&B/rap artists. I’m still not sure what to think about this trending band Fartbarf though…


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