Indie Blogs Part 1: Mumford & Sons

Week four is upon us! We have covered and researched Facebook, Twitter, and Myspace thus far. It is now time to gear up for blog week! These five blogs that I will cover one day at a time will be chosen precisely. I am focusing on relevant, up-to-date, and often-used blogs. These are fan made blogs, mind you. I aim to find out: 1) what these fans are posting 2) how much feedback they are getting, 3) what features and content are available, 4) are they posting often? 5) are links, videos, songs available?

There will certainly be some discoveries along the way, and each blog will be used differently. I’m excited. This will be a learning experience and we will also get a great look into the world of blogs–something we focused heavily on early in the semester. Today is all about Mumford & Sons. They are the most well-known band in my indie library so I expect this blog to be well-run. Here is a link to the blog.

What can be learned from the home page of the blog? Right off the bat we know what the blog is called: Mumford & Sons Blog. Simple, but straight to the point. There is a good image of the band above the content of the site, and nine pages available to explore. We will do just that in a short while. On the right side of the page we have this:

Your source for all things Mumford & Sons. Check out the links for easy navigation and enjoy!

Click here to visit the Mumford & Sons Official Website.

Join Our Spring Campaign: “Invest Your Love” Mumford & Sons fans are coming together in the name of the band to support The Voice Project this spring. Click here to find out how you can join and invest your love!

This is nice. The blogger, who could be male or female, gives a link to the actual Mumford & Sons website for an alternative source of information about the band. They also give a short, but sweet description of the blog. The right side of the page doesn’t seem to stop–links to the blogger’s Facebook, Twitter, Soundcloud, and YouTube are provided. Another nice touch. Down a little further we have five live performances available for a listen. I’m not sure I would find these live songs elsewhere, so this is good material. Let’s keep scrolling. A link is provided to iTunes to buy there latest album, “Babel.” Updated upcoming shows are below that. They are up-to-date, so that is good. A Twitter feed can be found underneath that. You can like the blog on Facebook as well. The blogs Instagram is a little further, and a Copyright. All great work.

We haven’t even jumped into the actual postings or material of the blog and I already think we have a winner here.

Alright, what kind of posts is the blogger unleashing on Mumford & Sons fans? Below are the latest six posts on the blog:

Today’s post is two images of a sound-check for their session at Abbey Road Studios. A link is provided to hear the session. The session will air on April 25th. This is a simple, but good post with an astute link.

Yesterday’s post was merely a wallpaper photo of the band. Credit is given below the photograph to the correct parties.

Saturday’s post was an answer to a question asked on the blog. One of the nine pages near the top of the site is labeled “Ask.” In this space you are able to ask the blogger a question, to which he will answer via a post. Very, very interesting. The question was about a man named Ross Holmes, a fiddle player, who contributed to their latest album. A well-thought and developed answer was given.

Thursday wielded three posts. The first was a photo, via Mumford & Sons’ Facebook, that symbolized saying goodbye to the tour. The blogger took the Facebook post and inserted it into his blog. He is taking material from all over the web and distributing it into his blog. I will share a little later why this is so brilliant.

The second post on Thursday was another answered question. This question was about the availability of their first three EP’s that are seemingly impossible to locate. He provided five links to help with this person’s quest for early Mumford & Sons material.

The last post was a live recording of a B-side track of theirs called “Home.” A lot of people, myself included, expected to see this track on their Grammy-winning album, “Babel.” It wasn’t, but is still loved by fans. This post was a part of “Throwback Thursdays,” where the blogger unveils an old Mumford & Sons song for followers to hear.

Now, on to the nine pages near the top of the site. They include, from left to right, About the Blogger, Navigation, Preview Babel, Song Finder, Downloads, Upcoming Concerts, Concert Archive, Ask, and Submit.

Very extensive. Below are some things of interest.

About the Blogger contains exactly what you would expect. Here is some of what can be found on the page:

I am not Mumford & Sons, nor do I work for them, Island Records, Universal Music Group, Dew Process, or Glassnote Music (as much as I would love to be employed as such).  I have not been commissioned in any way to run this blog or do research, outreach, or publicity for Mumford & Sons. Any messages sent to me will not reach Mumford & Sons.

I am not compensated in any way—monetarily or otherwise—for running this blog.  I receive nothing other than the gratification that the things I post are enjoyed by Mumford & Sons fans, and that Mumford & Sons’ music is being shared with an increasing number of people.

I always, always credit the photographers and artists of the things I post and provide links back to the original sources.

This is all perfectly worded and brilliant. The blogger knows what they are and what they are not. I wish I had something so eloquently put in my own blog.

Navigation is brilliantly jam-packed full of links to anything and everything Mumford & Sons. Preview Babel has every song on the album available to stream for free. Song Finder has every song they have ever played available via links. Downloads has dozens of available songs from all over. The Submit page is an interesting one where the blogger asks for our help in making the blog better. We, the blog’s visitors, can submit material to be added to the blog or posted about. Another brilliant touch. This blogger can’t do all this work on their own.

This has been an amazing start to our blog week. This blog showcases everything imaginable. It is amazingly well-developed, informational, fan-friendly, and thorough. I doubt this week’s research will find another blog with as much to offer as this one. A lot can be learned from this blogger. I was taking notes, I assure you. Hopefully you were as well.

Here are Mumford & Sons’ best three tracks off “Babel,” in my opinion. These links are all via the blog:


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