Indie Blogs Part 3: Local Natives

Due to a recent development with a seriously ill family friend I have to get four posts out before 8 o’clock Friday. I will be away from my computer until Monday morning, so bare with me folks. Again, as I stated earlier today, these indie blogs are hard to come by. I searched and searched and searched and didn’t come up with much. However, I did come upon a photo-blog from Local Natives that seems worth discussing. I think the fact that it is a Tumblr blog is good. We now have a chance to submerge ourselves in an aspect of social media that I would otherwise not been able to discuss. I know nothing about Tumblr other than the fact that they deal with images, I think. Anyways, this is uncharted territory–I’m excited.

The blog is titled, “OUTTASIGHT.” It is run and used by the band themselves. They upload photos pretty regularly, although not as often as I would like. Here is a link to the blog. There are some good things to point out about the main page of the site. There are three links on the right side of the page. They are pretty simple: Website, Facebook, and Blog Archive. This is good, though. They have instant access to their website and Facebook, which is pretty much all you need for this type of blog. The blog archive is a nice touch, too. This allows their followers to get a better overall feel of the space, and perhaps find an image they particularly liked days, months, years ago.

Also included on the right side is a search bar, of course, and a live Twitter feed that showcases their last three tweets. Links are provided within the tweets. Their first photo-post was on May 16, 2010, so they have been at this for some time. Their first post was exactly three months after the release of their debut album, “Gorilla Manor.” That first image is of orange peels falling to the ground in a first person point of view. Very interesting, but also a confusing first post. Below is the image.

Let’s move ahead now, to the beginning. The latest image, from Monday, is of a painting on a brick wall of a man riding a shark just off a beach. It’s an interesting work of art. Below the image is this caption:

Wonderful mural outside the Rialto Theater in Tucson, AZ. Reminds me of the scene in Deep Blue Sea where LL hides in the oven from the shark, so the shark turns the oven on. Great film. See ya tonight Tucson. (at The Rialto Theatre)

A very funny caption to an interesting image. It’s also worth noting that they are regularly adding captions to the photos, which helps clarify what they are trying to tell. Local Natives are from L.A., so they spend a lot of time on the west coast and often find little interesting things to photograph. I am just noticing this, but below the image is a little thing that says “notes.” I looked into this matter and found out that on Tumblr “notes” are equivalent to likes, shares, retweets, etc. This is a good find. This gives us something to measure. What types of images get the most love? We shall find out soon enough.

The second image is of the crowd after their recent show at Coachella, which you followers have heard so much about recently. Matt Frazier, their talented drummer, takes a photograph of the excited crowd after every show and often times posts the photos on Facebook and Twitter. And now, apparently, he does the same on this photo-blog. Prior to this image is one before the crowds started gathering at Coachella. So, the two photos show a comparison of before and after. Pretty amazing, the first photo is so barren. The “after” image received 26 notes, while the “before” took in 23.

From there we have four photos combined into one from rural Los Angeles, an advertisement for Primavera Music Festival in Barcelona, and a good number of photos from their road-trip around the U.S. before their “endless” tour begins.  Below are some road-trip pictures.

Taylor at the Grand Canyon.

Taylor at the Grand Canyon.

Sleeping giants.

Sleeping giants.

They actually have a cool, stylish, nicely edited video of footage they took on their phones while recording their latest album, “Hummingbird.” Below is the video, via YouTube.

Yes, the blog is mostly images, but there are plenty of words and even videos involved. This is better than I original thought. Also, I am just figuring out that when you click on the photos it takes you to the original source of the image–which is at Instagram. This is a big deal. It connects different social media’s, and allows for more interaction and communication.

Images can sometimes talk louder than words, and I think this blog is a good indication of that. Could the post frequency be better? Yes. Could we use a little more post diversity? Yes. But I think the main reason of the blog is to entertain fans, show creativity, and to get those fans to come back for more. In doing that they have access to Twitter, Facebook, and their website, making it more likely for fans to purchase albums, apparel, or concert tickets. This is a different type of blog than the ones we looked at earlier this week, but that’s a good thing. This creates diversity within my own blog, and added knowledge about Tumblr and Instagram. Below are some images from their show in Minneapolis about a month ago, via my cheap camera. Enjoy.


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