Indie Blogs Part 4: Young the Giant

This will be the first of three posts today, so stay tuned for more indie blog madness when this post has been read. For this segment we move to another photo-blog; this time it is Young the Giant. Their blog is titled, “The Jacuzzi.” This blog is quite similar to the one we covered on Wednesday by Local Natives. It is run by the band themselves, and features photography taken and posted by group members. Links on this blog are harder to come by as they are all at the bottom on the page. That can be problematic for sure.

The blog was started on April 5, 2011, less than four months after the release of their debut self-titled album. The first post was a welcoming to their Tumblr blog. Below is the message.

Welcome to “The Jacuzzi”, our new tumblr page!  Starting today, this page will be THE place for our photos, film,  music, writing, and all other forms of “expression” that we are  inspired/inspire to create on the road. Jump in and follow us!

Whether this is THE place for photos, film, music, writing, and expression is in question, but they were quite active on this blog until November. Their post frequency has gone way down since, but we are being told that they are in the midst of writing and working on a new album.

Since Young the Giant started the blog they have posted 401 times. They have run the blog for two years, or 24 months. That’s an average of 16.7 posts per month, which is pretty good for a smaller blog like this. While activity has certainly slowed as of late, this definitely was the place to post for the band at one point. That has changed as Twitter and Facebook have only gained momentum since April of 2011. This information was found thanks to an archive link at the bottom of the page. Archive’s are never a band thing. Another link is called “likes,” which says this underneath it:

A handpicked medley of inspirations, musings, obsessions and things of general interest.

But when you follow the link all you get is some lady’s Tumblr page. Not sure what this is all about. I suppose when they first started the link it was meant to go to a random “inspirational” blog they liked, but they only picked one and never touched it again. This link needs to disappear.

There is a search bar, a home page link, and a “random” link, which takes you to a random blog post with one click of the button. I am not sure who this random feature is appealing to. There are no links to their Facebook, Twitter, Website, Myspace, YouTube videos, songs, or articles. There is nothing. This is troublesome.

Let’s look at some posts, and see what they are up to. Every post on the first page of their blog are images with captions. This is fine because it is a photo-blog, and there are captions underneath the images to clarify what is happening in the photo.

The most recent post is a Halloween photo from 2009. The five band-members are dressed up on the scariest night of the year. I’m not exactly sure why this picture was posted now, but nostalgia is becoming a favorite activity for a lot of people. The next post is similar in that it is also an old picture from a tour many years ago. Looks like they are digging up some old material to keep people’s interest peaked while working on their album. The next photo is a scenic view of the ocean in California. Again, not sure how it fits into the blog space as a whole. A trend is starting. The next picture is of a hot-air balloon in the sky. At least the next post is a picture of a venue. The photo has Questlove in it, which they call “a tough act to follow.”

It appears the majority of the content is personal pictures, which is a problem in my eyes. Followers of the band almost assuredly want album progress pictures, live stuff, some videos, and maybe every now and then a personal image of the band hanging out. They used to do this when they were touring and coming off their smash-hit album, but now they are quite inactive and likely losing followers of the blog because of it. Inactivity is a dangerous game.

We saw a good Tumblr blog on Wednesday with Local Natives, but today we saw an ineffective, link-less, photo happy blog with little substance. This proves that there are good and bad ways to go about your photo-blog. The material you are releasing needs to have links, references, and some kind of connection with the promotion of ticket and album sales. This blog may have been that once upon a time, but an inactive band means an inactive blog, which equals an inactive fan-base.


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