Indie Blogs Part 5: Of Monsters and Men

This is post number two of three for the day, and the last for the project this week. It’s been another roller coaster ride of a week with mixed results across the board in my research. It has not been easy finding worth-while blogs to cover for the week, so I unfortunately had to settle for some that I did not feel were as adequate as I would have liked. This session focuses on Of Monsters and Men‘s blog called, you guessed it, “Of Monsters and Men.” In retrospect I likely would just have focused this week on Tumblr, instead of blogs, because the majority of the material we have looked at has been from Tumblr blogs. This blog we are covering now is not updated as frequently as I would like, but it is in the blog form that I desired at the beginning of the week. It’s not just a bunch of photos of the band posing in front of buildings, eating dinner, scenic overlooks, and funny situations. That has been some of the stuff we have seen this week, but this blog should be different. You can probably compare it to Mumford & Sons and The xx’s blogs we touched on earlier in the week.

Let’s talk links. Links are very, very important in the blogging industry, as they are needed for quality blogging. At the top of the page we have seven links and a search bar. I will not touch on the Home, RSS or Mobile features because we all know what they are all about. There is an “Ask me anything” link, which I have elaborated upon all week, so let’s skip that. There is a link to their website, which I believe is essential to an indie blog. An archive is available of course. The only one I have not mentioned is the “Lyrics” link. This I have not seen all week, and while I know what SHOULD be behind the link I will not assume. Well, I am glad I looked. The lyrics are for “Little Talks,” “From Finner,” “Love, Love, Love,” and “Six Weeks.” These four songs make up their first EP, prior to their smash-hit “My Head Is An Animal.” I would definitely love to see this updated, as lyrics are not hard to come by with the dozens of available and reliable sites online.

There is an “About” section on the right side of the page which takes up an enormous amount of room. That probably could be made into a separate page and be broken down much better. The good news about the feature is that there is a link to their new album via Amazon and iTunes.

The blog dates back to March 29, 2011. On that first day they posted five times. In the 23 months they have run the blog they have posted 263 times. That is an average of 11.4 posts per month, which is probably pretty close to average based on what I have seen in my research this week. The monthly post high was 37 in January of 2012, only a couple of months before the release of “My Head Is an Animal.” They also posted 31, 29, and 29 times on three other occasions. High post amounts were not rare between October of 2011 and July of 2012, but production has slowly dipped over the past few months. In December they did not post once. They have only posted ten times since October as they have been extremely busy on the road with their North American and international tour.

Their last post was on February 13, 2013. It featured their newly announced tour dates in May and June in the U.S. and Canada. No Minneapolis concert, boo. This is a fantastic post though. Tour dates are a must-have on all indie blogs. If you want to continue to make music you need an audience on the road. The post before that featured two updated tour dates as well. The shows are with Local Natives and Vampire Weekend, respectively. Below is a poster for the Vampire Weekend show at the amazing Red Rocks.

From there you have a picture of three of the band members in Japan with fans. It is an interesting photograph because one of the fans is wearing a mask as to not get any Icelandic germs. Below that is a pregame photo of some of the band-mates all “suited up” for the upcoming Toronto gig. Before that is a photo of the Kool Haus in Toronto, where the eventual concert took place. As we move forward we see a lot of images, concert announcements, awards, and tour information. This is all well and fine and pretty normal. The whole thing does feel a little formal recently. The posts are very far apart and seem to just be thrown in there. Maybe when the constant touring ends, the posts will start. Below is a video of their entire Coachella set last Friday.

This was a better session, in comparison to a few of the other blogs, but it still is not updated frequent enough. It has almost all the elements to a good blog, but is not used. My guess is that the space will eventually be used again when the crazy tour schedule commences. There is only so much you can do. This is a self-operated blog. If it were a fan-blog then it would probably be updated every day, but it is hard for a fan to put that much effort into something that brings in no money. The Mumford & Sons blog is the exception to the rule. This week taught us that bands, nowadays, simply do not have the time to run and operate a blog that posts every other day. Fans do have the time, as we saw, but it is extremely rare to find this type of devotion. Finding blogs that still post is even more rare as it took quite the lot of time to find these five examples, no matter how so-so they might have turned out to be. Photo-blogs are obviously easier to update and run, but they also do not have the links and information needed to fully promote the bands.


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